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My challenge to the Twitter IPO winners (and myself)

A lot of people made a lot of money today. I have no problem with people making money, and I’m sure they put a lot of work into it.

flattened hatBut they’ve also been very lucky. I imagine very few of the folks who won big at Twitter have ever been hopelessly in debt simply due to basic living expenses. Fewer have ever had a chronic, life-threatening disease. Even less have been homeless. But there are millions upon millions of people who suffer through these things every day. We’re only a few moments of bad luck from being these people.

We’re very lucky here in Silicon Valley (myself included). We work hard, but we can’t discount the effect of luck. And even those who didn’t make a bunch today are still paid quite well.

So let’s take a second to pull our heads out of the Valley. Let’s stop obsessing over what WE are doing and start looking at the problems in the world, in this country, and in this city. It’s something I know I don’t do enough.

My challenge to all of you (and to myself): let’s figure out what fun things to spend our money on, what to save, and then what to donate to good causes*. If the last element is not part of your equation, you’re doing life wrong.

Photo courtesy of neurmadic asthetic.

*I believe in sustainable, effective causes as much as good ones. I’m not asking you to put money in some guy’s hat, I’m asking you to find something you believe in. There’s plenty of great stuff out there!