About Evan Hamilton

Evan Hamilton – community builder, musician, obsessively busy.

My name is Evan Hamilton. I like to build communities and help companies and customers love each other.

I’m currently Community Lead at Coursera, where we are working towards universal access to high-quality education.¬†I focus on retaining customers by increasing community engagement and connection.

Previously I was Director of Community & Customer Loyalty at ZOZI, Head of Community at UserVoice, and Community Ambassador at Flock.

In my free time I sing and play guitar as Kicking Tuesday. I’m also co-founder of a holiday called International Beer Day. And I always find other projects to soak up my free time, because I like building things and dislike feeling bored.

I’ve always liked building things. As a kid I wanted to draw comics for a living. In high school I led a modmaking group for the computer game called Myth II and worked on designing a computer game. In college I designed theatrical lighting and started a band called Monsters are not Myths. In 2011 I started Kicking Tuesday.

I live in Oakland and hella heart it. I’ve always lived in California, and I can’t think of anywhere else that I’d call home.

Evan Hamilton piano cartoon